Koji Shinomouri

Koji Shinomouri is the PC for Levi.

Koji was born to a wealthy Japanese couple from Tokyo. The only child, he was a little unique even from birth. He showed little interest in the family business of Global Economics, and showed great interest in Kendo, and the Samurai’s of old. An energetic child, his parents signed him up for Jujitsu classes when he was 10, in hopes of curbing his energy. He mastered the art by his 18th birthday, and shortly there after longed to see the world.

He didn’t have to wait long. By his next birthday, Koji struck out to see the world. With money from his parents, he was able to travel anywhere his heart desired. His first trip took him to England, where he stayed for 2 years, learning the language along the way, but soon after, he was off again. His next adventure led him to France. He picked up French to add to his growing list of languages, but never one to settle down for long he set a new destination, New York City. Little did he know of the role had in store for him.

On his 24th birthday Koji had made it to New York. It didn’t take him long to aclimate to his new surroundings. Before long he had made a name for himself, not only was he one of the best Jujitsu instructors in the city, but he had also hobb-knobbed with famous celebrities. Life it seemed, had finally become perfect for Koji. He no longer had to rely on his parent’s money, and had made a name for himself all in one fell swoop.

Though things weren’t ment to stay that way. After leaving from teaching a class, Koji boarded a bus to head home. As the trip neared it’s conclusion for him, the bus unexpectedly carriend into a nearby building. Koji managed to survive, with only minor cuts and bruises He and two other passengers, Domnique, and Alice began to search for the cause of the crash. That is when he came face to face with the Shadow.

It was not long after that, Alice revealed herself as an agent for The Agency, and his new career and life began.

Koji Shinomouri

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